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Oculus Quest: Wireless VR -5%

Oculus Quest: Wireless VR

Brace yourself for the next generation of VR with the Oculus Quest. Oculus no longer need a high-end PC to give you amazing 3d vision and movement. Is one of their best-selling VR headsets and you can trust Facebook to be bringing more updates for it later this year.

$379.74 $399.00 CHECK IT OUT
Toothbrush Tree Sticks -47%

Toothbrush Tree Sticks

Show off your pearly white teeth with a natural teeth whitening stick. Each stick is make from pesticide free arack tree. Chew on the bark to release a set of bristles to brush your teeth without water.

$10.99 $19.99 CHECK IT OUT
Adult Tiger Sleeping Bag

Adult Tiger Sleeping Bag

This comfy tiger sleeping bag is designed for adults but will appeal to the child within all of us. It’s suitable for adults up to 75 inches tall and you can also release your tiger feet using the zippers on your ankle. Your sleepovers are going to look ggggrrreat!

Car French Fry Holder -14%

Car French Fry Holder

This Car French Fry Holder could best be described as ‘fries on the fly’. Fries in the bottom of the bag is a blessing – in the bottom of your car it’s disgusting! Avoid the mess for the people who like gold fries on the go. Great for kids and parents alike!

$6.95 $7.95 CHECK IT OUT
Temperature Control Ceramic Mug -10%

Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

This awesome temperature control mug allows you to keep your hot drinks nice and hot (between 120 -145 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to find the perfect temperature you can also use your smartphone app to adjust the temperature. Give your coffee, tea or hot chocolate the respect it deserves. We particularly ...

$98.00 $109.99 CHECK IT OUT
Lazy Cell Phone Holder

Lazy Cell Phone Holder

Delay the boredom of long-distance travel by using the lazy phone holder! This phone holder can be adjusted to whatever shape you desire in order to fit around your neck or handlebars for hands-free viewing. Get comfortable for the long haul.  

Video Gaming Chair

Video Gaming Chair

Sink into comfort and your personal cyber reality with this video gaming chair! The ergonomic design gives you complete support with some special video game features. Enjoy wireless audio transmission with forward facing speakers and subwoofers. This chair is foldable and, it rocks!

Beer Tracking Bottle Opener -22%

Beer Tracking Bottle Opener

Measure your alcohol use accurately with the Beer Tracking Bottle Opener. Each beer bottle you open is logged on the screen so you can monitor your drinking activity. It’s a way to show off the effectiveness of a party, or perhaps a tool to reduce your drinking!  

$7.99 $9.95 CHECK IT OUT
Blood Bath Shower Gel

Blood Bath Shower Gel

Create a total bloodbath with this bag of Blood Bath Shower Gel soap! Hang this bag in your shower to remind yourself of your own mortality. Or perhaps scare a special friend who is using your shower. Either way, this is a freakishly clever way to cleanse yourself.  

Fortnite Llama Plush -71%

Fortnite Llama Plush

What a perfect pillow to rest on after getting knocked out of one of the most popular games of the decade, the Fortnite Llama Plush. This item is a perfect item for a sincere Fortnite gamer. Battle Royale is always tough, but what could be softer? The soft velvet silk feel of a true collectors item.

$4.50 $14.55 CHECK IT OUT
Thug Life – Deal With it Sunglasses

Thug Life – Deal With it Sunglasses

This set of Thug Life Sunglasses is for the friend who likes to decimate people with a simple yet profound line. The 8 bit style is uniquely identifiable as the meme/youtube oriented icon for a verbal slap. Perfect for parties and for protecting the eyes of those living the thug life.     

Anker Powerhouse: Portable Battery

Anker Powerhouse: Portable Battery

If you have emergency power needs, this Anker Powerhouse Portable Battery will be the item in charge. This device is ideal for power outages, campervan and more. Anker Advantage provide over 10 million power supplies around the world. This monster power supply can charge over 40 mobile phones at the same time. ...

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