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Tamagotchi On – Colour -17%

Tamagotchi On – Colour

‘Member Tamagotchi, the virtual pet to take care of? The next generation is here! You can now marry to build your family tree and your ‘My tama’ will bear the qualities of both their parents. You can connect to your friend’s Tamagotchi and go on playdates and travel together. Just look after them!

$49.99 $59.99 CHECK IT OUT
Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

This awesome temperature control mug allows you to keep your hot drinks nice and hot (between 120 -145 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to find the perfect temperature you can also use your smartphone app to adjust the temperature. Give your coffee, tea or hot chocolate the respect it deserves. We particularly ...

Rain Cloud Watering Pot

Rain Cloud Watering Pot

Let some light in your day with this very cool, wall mounted flower pot. This item is great for your office or kitchen. It has been proven that plants indoors can improve your mood and wellbeing. So why not let the good weather in?

Lazy Cell Phone Holder

Lazy Cell Phone Holder

Delay the boredom of long-distance travel by using the lazy phone holder! This phone holder can be adjusted to whatever shape you desire in order to fit around your neck or handlebars for hands-free viewing. Get comfortable for the long haul.  

Video Gaming Chair -24%

Video Gaming Chair

Sink into comfort and your personal cyber reality with this video gaming chair! The ergonomic design gives you complete support with some special video game features. Enjoy wireless audio transmission with forward facing speakers and subwoofers. This chair is foldable and, it rocks!

$159.99 $209.99 CHECK IT OUT
Tile Key Finder -6%

Tile Key Finder

Find your keys and other everyday carry items with the Tile Key Finder. This device won the war for the best key finder app. Simply assign the Tile to a valuable device and you will be able to make it ring within 200ft. You can even locate your keys beyond this distance. You can even relocate your item in another ...

$15.99 $16.75 CHECK IT OUT
Fake Stick-On Power Outlet

Fake Stick-On Power Outlet

This Clip-On Seat Belt Cutting Multi-Tool is an important emergency device for vehicles. When a car hits the water you only have moments to react. With a cool cutting tool like this handy, you will have a faster response time to emergencies for your and your family. Included in this device is a seat belt cutter, a ...

Sushi Roll Shaped Push Pins -8%

Sushi Roll Shaped Push Pins

Any Japanese Sushi Chef will tell you “sushi is an art”. These Sushi Roll Push Pins are precisely that. They are awesome piece of office art that will raise the curiosity of colleagues and friends alike. We love the simplicity of the design. The 50 pins are designed to give the impression of the lovely roe you seen on ...

$11.31 $12.20 CHECK IT OUT
USA Scratch Map -36%

USA Scratch Map

This USA Scratch Map is a handy way to measure and plan your traveling adventures. Keep your memories alive with this decorative map. After you visit a State of the USA, scratch it off with a coin to reveal a beautiful underlay of that state. It’s a wonderful education tool for children and will be sure to put a smile ...

$16.95 $25.00 CHECK IT OUT
Groot Man Planter Pot

Groot Man Planter Pot

Grow your own head of hair with the Groot Man Planter Pot from Guardians of the Galaxy. Plant the seed in the head of the Groot Man and watch your new plant grow. If you are not ready to toil the soil you can also use his head for other desk items such as pens and paper clips.

Portable USB Solar Charger

Portable USB Solar Charger

Keep your cell phone powered up to the max when there’s no outlet available to you with this Portable USB Solar Charger. This device can store up to 10000 for multiple charges. Unlike other portable charges, this device is waterproof, dust resistant and shockproof. It’s the ultimate USB solar charger for backpacking, ...

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