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Oculus Quest: Wireless VR -5%

Oculus Quest: Wireless VR

Brace yourself for the next generation of VR with the Oculus Quest. Oculus no longer need a high-end PC to give you amazing 3d vision and movement. Is one of their best-selling VR headsets and you can trust Facebook to be bringing more updates for it later this year.

$379.74 $399.00 CHECK IT OUT
Toothbrush Tree Sticks -47%

Toothbrush Tree Sticks

Show off your pearly white teeth with a natural teeth whitening stick. Each stick is make from pesticide free arack tree. Chew on the bark to release a set of bristles to brush your teeth without water.

$10.99 $19.99 CHECK IT OUT
Adult Tiger Sleeping Bag

Adult Tiger Sleeping Bag

This comfy tiger sleeping bag is designed for adults but will appeal to the child within all of us. It’s suitable for adults up to 75 inches tall and you can also release your tiger feet using the zippers on your ankle. Your sleepovers are going to look ggggrrreat!

Non-Slip Yoga Socks

Non-Slip Yoga Socks

The Non Slip Yoga Socks are ideal for Yoga, Pilates and cartwheels and any Spider-man like activity. Sometimes the simple stuff are the things that change your life. Don’t let slipping on your floor stop you from doing what you need to do.

Car French Fry Holder -14%

Car French Fry Holder

This Car French Fry Holder could best be described as ‘fries on the fly’. Fries in the bottom of the bag is a blessing – in the bottom of your car it’s disgusting! Avoid the mess for the people who like gold fries on the go. Great for kids and parents alike!

$6.95 $7.95 CHECK IT OUT
Tamagotchi On – Colour -17%

Tamagotchi On – Colour

‘Member Tamagotchi, the virtual pet to take care of? The next generation is here! You can now marry to build your family tree and your ‘My tama’ will bear the qualities of both their parents. You can connect to your friend’s Tamagotchi and go on playdates and travel together. Just look after them!

$49.99 $59.99 CHECK IT OUT
Temperature Control Ceramic Mug -10%

Temperature Control Ceramic Mug

This awesome temperature control mug allows you to keep your hot drinks nice and hot (between 120 -145 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to find the perfect temperature you can also use your smartphone app to adjust the temperature. Give your coffee, tea or hot chocolate the respect it deserves. We particularly ...

$98.00 $109.99 CHECK IT OUT
Rain Cloud Watering Pot

Rain Cloud Watering Pot

Let some light in your day with this very cool, wall mounted flower pot. This item is great for your office or kitchen. It has been proven that plants indoors can improve your mood and wellbeing. So why not let the good weather in?

Lazy Cell Phone Holder

Lazy Cell Phone Holder

Delay the boredom of long-distance travel by using the lazy phone holder! This phone holder can be adjusted to whatever shape you desire in order to fit around your neck or handlebars for hands-free viewing. Get comfortable for the long haul.  

Sleeping Band Headphones

Sleeping Band Headphones

Fall asleep to the relaxing tones of the rainforest with these sleeping band headphones. These headphones are Bluetooth enables and have a decent 13-hour battery life. With a range of 30 feet and two comfortable fabric types, you will be able to block out the noise and restore some inner tranquility during the night. ...

Taco Earrings

Taco Earrings

Check out these fresh, handmade taco earrings! We love the detail of these earrings that feature chili, bell pepper and sour cream. Wear these with pride for Taco Tuesday, or to create instant food envy. Your friends might soon be saying, I want what she’s wearing!  

Shower Shaving Foot Rest

Shower Shaving Foot Rest

Get your life in order with the shower shaving footrest. This device provides you with elevated shave support to give yourself the stability you require. No longer will you need to lie down on the shower floor to keep your legs smooth. This device is portable, and can also be used in publish showers where the floor ...

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